Spacerock @ AVA Club

Spacerock is a brand new series of events hosted in Berlin at Ava Club. With a limited capacity and outstanding location Ava is a young venue in the techno capital which is also known for having a clean and powerful sound quality. The creators of the party Red Pig Flower - the Japanese mixed-media artist and dj from Berlin - and the London based duo Av.rage  will be injecting their art ideas into already existing concepts of clubbing today. The artists' aim is to "add spice” to their techno acts by mapping the environment with interactive visual content. In a near future the founders are expecting to be pioneering in VR clubbing, thanks to the upcoming technologies getting more affordable for the underground players.


Line-up /

Vincenzo Recupito
Red pig flower
+special guest : 
Andrew The Grand




Date: November 19th, 2016